I contacted Stacy last week about getting a toy/mini Aussie pup at the recommendation of a friend who got his pup from her about 2 years ago. She quickly got back to me with a response and was extremely helpful and communicated back and forth very quickly. I decided on a puppy and she was able to fly the puppy to me that same week only a couple of days later.  The entire process was as smooth as butter and I couldn't be happier. I was looking at some other breeders and it's very apparent that the quality of pups is not the same as these Sho- Me (that's Stacy's Aussie breeding name) pups. Other places charge extra money if the pups have blue or green eyes or jack the price way up because the pup is a Merle etc. Stacy also has a 2 year guarantee on her pups which shows how confident she is in the genetics of her pups. I think the longest I saw elsewhere was 90 days and some don't offer a guarantee at all. The pup is super smart and super playful. She's been here for only a few days and she's already doing great with going to the bathroom outside and letting me know exactly when she has to go out. She's also great with my other older dog as well as my 1 year old daughter. It's very apparent that the Sho- Me pups are cared for well and socialized well before they go to their ultimate homes. My buddy who got his pup about 2 years ago as well as myself are both beyond happy with our pups from Stacy and would not go anywhere else.

 Adam Guida