We are located in the heart of the Ozark Mountains in  beautiful Marshfield Missouri where we call home here at Hwy 38 Arena. We started in 2005 with purchasing our first Toy Aussie and fell in love with the breed and chose to start breeding and have a few litters a year to be able to share what we love about the Toy Aussies.

The Toy Aussies are just like the full size only shrunk down to 14 inches and under and like the full size they come in the same colors, blue or red merle, black tri or bi, red tri or bi and they come in short or long coat, heavy double coat or regular coat. The eyes may be any color or combination of brown,amber,hazel,blue or some of them can have eyes that are two different colors or can be marbled, speckled or swirled. Toy Aussies are the smartest most loyal breed you will ever get to know. They are very agile, willing partners that will follow you everywhere and love to please with every ounce of their soul.

Our stud dog KCR Roscoe " Roscoe" is a beautiful red tri with a double coat has alot of drive and loves to play ball or go help herd the goats, he is always by my side ready for the next set of instructions ready to please me in every way he can. 

Western Annie Hombre "Annie" is our newest addition to the family she is a beautiful blue merle with lots of copper and she passes this on to all her pups. Annie also gives me a rainbow litter everytime with blue merles, red merles, black and red tri's.  Her favorite thing to do is play fetch and climb in the pool with me in the summer time. She cant wait for summer to get here.

KCR'S Hooey  is a red merle female she has been with us for about 5 yrs and she sticks tight with me and loves to play in the swimming pool too. "Hooey" loves her babies and has been a surrogate mom when needed and loves taking care of babies even when they are not her own.

KCR'S Dally is a red merle female and she is a half sister to "Hooey". I fell in love with everything about "Hooey" that i just had to have another one. So " Dally" who is alot like her half sister gives us beautiful red tri and red merle pups that are very smart and loving.

At this time these are all the moms we have so we are just a small hobby breeder but i did have all my Aussies full DNA genetic testing even though these tests are very expensive but the importance of knowing the genetic is critical in producing happy and healthy puppies. When considering a puppy for your family please be responsible and only purchase a puppy from a reputable breeder who genetically tests their dogs. A good breeder will happily provide proof, so please don't be afraid to ask.  

Please feel free to call or stop by Hwy 38 Arena and come meet the girls and "Roscoe" we are always happy to meet new folks.

Sho-Me Toy Aussies